Artificial bouquets and arrangements

Are our flowers real touch?
Some of our flowers and foliages are real touch, and others are not. We carefully select our stems based on their closeness in colour and texture to their natural counterpart, and in some cases real-touch is not always the best option.

Being qualified florists with a passion for real flowers, we pride ourselves on only selecting the most life like stems we can find, that we feel best reflect nature.
Can I put my bouquet in fresh water?
We would advise you not to. While some silk flower stems are water friendly, once they have been trimmed they will have exposed wires at the very ends of the stems which will rust if placed in water. The stems in our bouquets are all trimmed so that they look neat and tidy and sit properly in a vase at the correct height.

If you want to create the look of fresh flowers in water we recommend using water resin. Water resin can be difficult to use so we recommend placing an order for your bouquet to be set in a vase and we'll do the work for you.
What is water resin?
Water resin is a clear epoxy resin used in the artificial flower industry to create a realistic, crystal clear water look. Setting the flowers in resin adds to the realism of the arrangement as it looks just like they are sitting in fresh water.

If you choose to have your flowers set in resin, it will add a week to your delivery time. This is because we make our arrangements to order and the resin requires several days to set.
How can I display my artificial bouquet?
There are different ways you can display your flowers. You can keep them bound if you prefer them to stay exactly in place, and place them in a vase that way. Or, you can untie the twine and arrange them in a vase so they relax a little, depending on the size of the neck of your vase. Using a vase with a neck that is too wide will result in the flowers separating out a lot more.

If you need to trim your stems to fit your vase better, use a sharp wire cutter and take care, some of the thicker stems can be hard to get through!

If you don't like the look of your flowers in a clear vase without water, you can simply use an opaque vase, or use pebbles at the base of your clear vase. Another option is to line the inside of the vase with a broad tropical leaf, this is a method that florists often use to hide messy stems.
How do I fix a leaf or flower that has detached itself from the stem?
We stock only the highest quality, well made artificial flowers and foliage. However, some flowers are more delicate than others and if not handled gently, a leaf or petal/flower may detach itself from a stem. These can often be popped back on to the stem by slotting it back into the hole in the leaf/flower. If not, sometimes they can be glued back on.
How does the price of artificial flowers compare to fresh flowers?
Our bouquets and arrangements are handmade to order in Australia by qualified florists. We only source the highest quality artificial flowers and through our experience working with fresh flowers we know what we're looking for and we're super fussy about the flowers we stock. The stems that we stock are individually handmade.

When we set arrangements in a vase using acrylic water resin we use a crystal clear resin to mimic real water. Acrylic water resin is expensive and time consuming to set.

While artificial flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers, sometimes up to 3 times as much, when they're cared for properly they can last a life time.
Do you offer trade pricing for interior designers, hospitality, retirement villages and other commercial clients?
We do offer trade discounts to interior designers and other commercial clients. Please email our Team at info@seaholly.com.au for more information and a customised quote.


How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
Our delivery times differ depending on the products that you've ordered. For more information on delivery times to your destination please view Delivery Destinations & Times.
Can I get my order delivered as a gift?
Our silk flowers are great for gift giving and all come boxed and wrapped and can include a hand written note.

When you check out, select the gift option and we will include a beautiful personally written note, composed by yourself. We always wrap and box our orders beautifully as gifts, whether they are for someone else or a treat for yourself.
What are the delivery options?
We deliver Australia-wide, using a courier service.

All of our artificial flower bouquets and arrangements are made to order. Please note that all arrangements set in water resin have an up to 2 week turnaround time to allow the water to set before shipping.

We ensure that our bouquets and arrangements are packed in such a way that they will not arrive damaged or crushed.


Can I get a refund?
We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all of the products listed on our website. If you are not happy for any reason, simply contact us and we will arrange a refund or exchange. Unfortunately we are unable to refund on custom orders. If the product is delivered undamaged and as described on our website you will need to pay for the cost of return.

To read our full returns policy please view our Easy Returns page.


If you have any further questions about our arrangements, bouquets or stems please email us at info@seaholly.com.au or use the form below.